FLASH V1+V2 Staked over time (Daily Midnight Snapshot)
  • - V1-Staked = Total FLASH V1 tokens actively staked on that date. If a V1 stake has been migrated to V2, then it is considered unstaked and not included.
  • - V2-Staked = Total FLASH V2 tokens actively staked on that date.
  • - All dates prior to now are historically showing exactly how much FLASH has been actively staked during that time that has not been unstaked early, per day.
  • - All dates after now are projecting exactly how much FLASH will remain actively staked during that time, and assumes no stakes will be unstaked early or V1 stakes migrated, per day.
  • - This data is based on the daily Midnight UTC snapshot of FLASH held by various relevant addresses. Any FLASH Tokens that went in and out in the same day and weren't held until the next day will not be seen in this data.